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Puesto de trabajo en el San Diego Natural History Museum

Se ha ofertado un puesto de trabajo de paleontólogo en el Museo de Historia Natural de San Diego (California, EE.UU.). La verdad es que tiene muy buena pinta, para los que puedan optar a ocuparlo. Os adjuntamos la información que nos ha llegado por Paleonet

Paleontological Field Manager - San Diego Natural History Museum: Position responsibilities include coordination of paleontological field activities (i.e., supervision of field monitors in prospecting for and collection of fossils and the recording of stratigraphic, taphonomic, geographic, and topographic data) and production of final project reports that summarize the methods and preliminary results of paleontological salvage activities. Other duties include generation of initial discovery letter reports for City, County, and/or State agency managers and generation of paleontological resource assessment technical reports. Opportunities also include paleontological field work in the Southern California region and working with the extensive fossil collections of the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Qualified candidates must have at least a M.S. Degree in Geology or Paleobiology; 2 to 3 years of relevant experience (especially sedimentary geology and paleontology); excellent supervisory/managerial, verbal, written, and interpersonal skills; and a strong work ethic, intense drive, and initiative for quality and customer service. This position is a regular, full-time salaried position with a generous benefits package (e.g., full medical and 401K plan). Compensation will be based on individual qualifications and experience.

The San Diego Natural History Museum is run and operated by the San Diego Society of Natural History, a private non-profit scientific organization incorporated in 1874. The Museum's mission is to interpret the natural world through research, education and exhibits; to promote understanding of the evolution and diversity of Southern California and the peninsula of Baja California; and to inspire in all a respect for nature and the environment. Within the Museum, the Department of PaleoServices (DPS) specializes in paleontological resource management. Our focus is on the recognition, recovery, and preservation of the significant and unique paleontological resources that occur in this region. The activities of DPS are helping to preserve significant fossil assemblages and are directly contributing to the growth of the important paleontological research collections at the Museum. We are currently looking to fill the following position. Please send resumes to Yvonne Kugies (ykugies@sdnhm.org)

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