miércoles, diciembre 05, 2012

Para hacer la tesis en paleontología en la Universidad de Bristol

 Nos ha llegado información para hacer la tesis en paleontología en la Universidad de Bristol (Reino Unido). Os adjuntamos los enlaces y algo de información.

I have listed three PhD projects on the Bristol University department of Earth Sciences web site.

and also one in findaphd.com

Three projects fall into the category of molecular palaeobiology and will give a student the opportunity to study invertebrate evolution from a molecular and palaeontologic perspective. Two projects are devoted to molluscs and one on annelids. The nature of these projects should appeal to students interested in multidisciplinary research and macroevolution.

The other project is devoted to the study of fossil melanin and its utility in reconstructing vertebrate evolution.

Interested students from the UK should apply via the link below

International students should look at the funding options from Bristol and funding sources from their homeland beforehand.

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