domingo, agosto 09, 2015

a Burke Museum EPICC TCN Coordinator

Burke Museum – EPICC TCN Coordinator

The Burke Museum invites applications for a part-time position as a Burke Museum EPICC TCN Coordinator. Funding for this position is for a 4-year period.

Job Summary:
Reporting to the Paleontology Collections Manager, the Burke Museum EPICC TCN Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the Burke Museum’s segment of the NSF Digitization Thematic Collections Network (TCN) Collaborative: Documenting Fossil Marine Invertebrate Communities of the Eastern Pacific (EPICC). The Burke Museum EPICC TCN Coordinator is tasked with digitizing appropriate collections to increase availability of the collection to researchers and the public.

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, located on the University of Washington campus is a repository for research collections and has substantial exhibit and K-16 outreach programs. Currently the paleontology division includes three curators, one full-time collections manager, one full-time fossil preparator, and more than 20 adjunct curators and research associates. Fossil collections at the Burke Museum are actively growing and include over three million specimens distributed in several subdisciplines: vertebrate paleontology, paleobotany (including pollen and phytoliths), invertebrate paleontology, and micropaleontology.

Basic Functions:
The successful candidate will be responsible with coordinating the digitization of fossil marine invertebrates. Specific responsibilities include:

· Image capture and processing
· Georeferencing
· Pre-digitization curation and preparation
· Complete data entry of collections
· Schedule, train and supervise student and hourly employees
· Create digital catalogues of selected collections
· Provide written and oral reports related to grant implementation to Curator and Collections Manager
· Manage work flow to meet grant and reporting deadlines

Required Qualifications:
· B.S. in paleobiology or related discipline
· Experience in collections management
· Experience with computer databases and online access of natural history collections

Desired Qualifications:
· M.S. in paleobiology or related discipline
· Experience with photographic image capture and manipulation
· Experience with GPS mapping and GIS technoology
· Experience with MySQL or related relational database systems
· Familiarity with invertebrate fossils

Applicants should apply on UW hires using UW requisition # 122247