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Postdoctoral position on Biotic consequences of temperature-related stresses across temporal scales

We seek a motivated and talented researcher for a Postdoc position in
the DFG-funded project on “Biotic consequences of temperature-related
stresses across temporal scales (TRS-data)”. The position is temporary
for 36 months (TV-L E13) and is anticipated to start in November 2016.
Place of work is the GeoZentrum Nordbayern, Friedrich-Alexander
University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany.

This project is one of eight projects embedded in the interdisciplinary,
multi-institutional Research Unit FOR 2332 TERSANE: Temperature-Related
Stresses as a Unifying Principle in Ancient Extinctions. The research
unit combines high-resolution geological field studies with
meta-analyses, physiological studies and sophisticated analysis of
fossil occurrence data on ancient hyperthermal events to reveal the rate
and magnitude of warming, potential causes, impact on marine life, and
the mechanisms which led to ecological change and extinction.
Geochemistry, analytical palaeobiology and physiology comprise our main
toolkits. More information on TERSANE is available at:

The successful candidate will be involved in (1) meta-analyses
on the synergetic effects of warming, ocean acidification, and hypoxia
on the performance of extant marine organisms; (2) the analysis of
primary fossil occurrence data to evaluate the physiological and
biogeographic selectivity of the end-Permian and Early Jurassic
extinctions; (3) the assessment of ancient rates of climate and
environmental changes from local sections and global data considering
the effects of temporal scaling; and (4) integration of research
findings in individual projects to evaluate the commonality of patterns
and eco-physiological selectivity of extinctions as visible in paleo-
and extant data. Applicants are expected to participate in the weekly
informal seminar, annual workshops and international summer schools with
others members of the research unit.

Mandatory requirements are:

·         PhD degree in geosciences or biology

·         Profound background in paleobiology

·         Advanced knowledge of statistics and R programming

·         Ability to work as part of a team

·         Fluent in English

Desirable are:

·         Background in invertebrate palaeontology

·         Experience in meta-analyses

Please submit you application in electronic form (including curriculum
vitae, list of publications, research statement; keyword "TRS-data") by
11 Sep 2016 to

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kiessling (chair)

E-mail: Wolfgang.kiessling@fau.de