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Puesto de trabajo en Noruega

 Puesto de trabajo en la Universidad de Tromsø (Noruega). Os adjuntamos la información. Hace un poquito de frio... pero esa parte de Noruega es bien bonita.

The University of Tromsø, Tromsø University Museum, has a permanent position vacant as Professor (associate professor). The position is attached to the Department of Natural Sciences.

Further information about the position is available by contacting the Museum Director Marit Anne Hauan, phone + 47 77 64 50 30, e-mail or Head of Department Karl Frafjord, phone +47 77 64 57 25, e-mail:

Application documents (see below) shall be sent to:

University of Tromsø
Tromsø University Museum

In addition, the application must be submitted electronically via the application form available on

The position’s affiliation
The main objectives of the Tromsø University Museum are research, development and preservation of the museum’s collections, administration and dissemination. The museum has two academic departments, the Department of Natural Sciences and the Department of Cultural Sciences, and the underlying units Polar Museum and MS Polstjerna and Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden.

The position as Professor/Førsteamanuensis (associate professor) is attached to the Department of Natural Sciences, which is responsible for developing and maintaining scientific collections of objects (animals, plants, fossils and minerals) as well as dissemination activities. The department engages in research within the fields of taxonomy, phylogeography, ecology and biological and geological diversity. The department has a laboratory for molecular genetics. The department has a permanent staff of 17, of which 10 are in academic positions. For more information about the Tromsø University Museum’s activities, visit:

The position’s field of research/field of work
The position’s duties include research and research-based activities, collection duties, dissemination, teaching, supervision of PhD students and administration. The successful candidate must also be willing to undertake responsibility for zoological collections over and above his/her own field.

The successful candidate shall engage in research on invertebrates from the High North, particularly within the fields of systematics and biodiversity.

Qualifications for position as Professor
The museum is searching for a candidate with competence in the fields of taxonomy and systematics in one or more groups of northern vertebrates. Experience with genetic analysis is desirable. Competence within biodiversity and ecological processes will be an advantage. Preference will be given to applicants with competence in terrestrial invertebrates and entomology.

The Tromsø University Museum works primarily within the geographical areas of Northern Norway and Svalbard. Therefore, this shall be the successful candidate’s main field of work.

The general requirement for appointment as a professor is an academic level conforming to established international or national standards within the discipline. In order to be awarded a professorship, applicants shall be able to document substantially more extensive research of high quality than that required to attain a doctorate degree.
Major emphasis is attached to international publications with peer review.

El resto de información en la Web de la Universidad de Tromsø.

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