sábado, abril 14, 2007

Pequeñas Ayudas de Sociedad Inglesa de Paleontología

La sociedad paleontografica concede pequeñas ayudas económicas para trabajos de campo o visitar colecciones. Esta orientada fundamentalmente a estudiantes. Os adjuntamos la información:

The Palaeontographical Society publishes monographs on British fossil faunas and floras. The Society now awards small grants to support fieldwork and/or collections visits, which may ultimately lead to the publication of a monograph. Priority for these grants is given to students and those without other means of support, but anyone can apply. Full details of the grant
scheme and application procedures can be found at the Society website:

The closing date for applications is the 25th April 2007. If you have any questions please contact: Paul Barrett (p.barrett@nhm.ac.uk)

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