jueves, febrero 07, 2008

Curso de dinámica de dinosaurios en la Universidad de Leicester

Os adjuntamos información sobre bonito seminario de Paleontología de Dinosaurios, por si alguno de nuestros lectores puede acercarse a esta parte del Reino Unido para asistir

Organised by The Geology Section (C) of the Leicester Literary andPhilosophical Society.
Saturday 15 March 2008. 9.00 am ­ 5.00 pm. University of Leicester.

Everyone knows about dinosaurs, don't they? We have all seen them chasing across the big screen, or in various natural history-style programmes on the television. But what do we really know about these apparently familiar animals, and how can scientists determine where they lived, what they looked like, how fast they ran, what they ate, and how their brains worked? New research, new technologies, and new fossils have led to major changes in the way dinosaurs are studied, and are revolutionising our understanding of many areas of dinosaur biology. We have brought together a group of leading international dinosaur experts, all skilled in communicating in an understandable way, to address this exciting area of science. They will present a series of fully illustrated, accessible talks and discuss the latest developments in dinosaur research; developments which will challenge what we all think we already know about these iconic animals.

-Dr David M. Unwin (Museum Studies, Univ. of Leicester). Feathered dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs, and birds
- Dr Angela C. Milner (Palaeontology, Natural History Museum, London) The evolution of bird brains and flight
- Laura B. Porro (Earth Sciences, Univ. of Cambridge). Chewing machines: modelling feeding in early herbivorous dinosaurs
- Vince Williams (Geology, Univ. of Leicester). Duck-billed dentistry: evidence for hadrosaur diet from tooth microwear
- Dr Phillip L. Manning (The Manchester Museum, Univ. of Manchester) ŒThe bounce has gone from my bungee: reconstructing dinosaur biomaterials
- Dr Paul Upchurch (Earth Sciences, University College, London). Dinosaur evolution on a dynamic Earth: new approaches to geographic and palaeoecological questions
- Dr Bill Sellers (Life Sciences, Univ. of Manchester). Running with dinosaurs: physics, physiology and fossils
- Dr John R. Hutchinson (Royal Veterinary College, Univ. of London). Into the unknowns: estimates, assumptions and validation in dinosaur biomechanics

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