domingo, septiembre 20, 2009

Un libro sobre el veneno de los reptiles

Los que siguen este blog, ya saben que una de nuestras debilidades son los vertebrados venenosos fósiles. Acaba de publicarse un interesante libro sobre el veneno de los reptiles actuales por parte del Center for North American Herpetology. Ahora solo nos falta encontrar alguna estructura en dinosaurios que podamos relacionarla con aparatos de venenos, tal y como han hecho Gloria y Juan con sus musarañas venenosas de Atapuerca.

Os adjuntamos el resumen en inglés

The HANDBOOK OF VENOMS AND TOXINS OF REPTILES offers “one-stop shopping” to all biologists, biochemists, toxicologists, physicians, clinicians and epidemiologists, and informed laypersons interested in the biology of venomous reptiles, the biochemistry and molecular biology of venoms, and the effects and treatment of human envenomation. This book examines the topic generally, provides an overview of the current taxonomy of these reptiles, explains the similarities and differences in the venom delivery apparatus in different groups of reptiles, reviews state-of-the-art knowledge about specific venom components and their action, and summarizes effects of envenomation and treatment in humans on different continents. Written by experts from 12 countries, the book has both a broad perspective and international relevance. Unlike previous books addressing venoms, this volume bridges several very different areas in modern biology and provides a synthesis of current knowledge about venoms and venomous reptiles. The wealth of illustrations, including an 8 page full color insert, present a view of reptile toxinology from the whole animal to the glands producing venoms to the molecular models and the mechanisms of actions of the toxins themselves.

Publicado por CRCPress/Taylor & Francis Group. 6000 Broken Sound Parkway, Suite 300.
Boca Raton, Florida 33487. Para encargarlo en

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