martes, enero 19, 2010

Practical Course on Phylogenetics en la Universidad de Lisboa

La Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Lisboa organiza un interesantes curso titulado "Practical Course of Phylogenetics". Las fechas son del 22 al 26 de Febrero del 2010. El folleto del curso lo puedes descargar aquí.

Os adjuntamos el breve resumen del folleto

Brief historic perspective about phylogenetics and molecular evolution. Review of the basic concepts regarding genome organization, structure and function of genes, genetic codes and mutation types. Basic principles of phylogenetic analysis: character evolution, homologies and homoplasies, evolutionary tree types, types of data sets for analysis etc. Methods of phylogenetic inference: parsimony, distances, maximum likelihood and Bayesians. Models of molecular evolution. Substitution rates and patterns. Methods of model selection. Search algorithms and optimization solutions. Exhaustive and heuristic searches. Analysis of the robustness of phylogenetic trees and their components. Hypothesis testing on evolutionary trees.

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