martes, febrero 16, 2010

Dos puestos de trabajo en Bristol en el Reino Unido

Nos ha llegado por Paleonet la informaciónde sobre dos puestos de trabajo en Bristol Dinosaur Project. Os la adjuntamos por si alguno se anima, y puede.

The Bristol Dinosaur Project is moving! We now have Heritage Lottery funding to make two appointments, a Fossil Preparator (reference 15275) and an Education Officer (reference 15274).

Education officer:
Fossil preparator:

We are looking for enthusiastic and skilled people to fill these posts, available to start very soon and running from 2010 to 2013. For both positions we are looking for people who are well-organised, are able to multi-task and who are committed to social inclusion and education for all. The project exists to support the removal of hundreds of dinosaur bones from the rock matrix, and to bring this work to the widest possible public audience.

Thecodontosaurus is a small, metre-high, plant-eating dinosaur from the Late Triassic of the Bristol area. It is a focus of research, as one of the oldest plant-eating dinosaurs in the world, and it has attracted considerable attention from the public over the past ten years. Read more at

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