viernes, octubre 14, 2011

Congreso dedicado a Alfred Wegener

Nos ha llegado información de una reunión internacional en Bélgica en el transcurso del congreso dedicado a Alfred Wegener. Os adjuntamos la nota.

The Geological Society of Belgium, 'Geologica Belgica', is happy to welcome you all to its 4th International conference that will take place at the conference center of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels on September 11-14, 2012 . This international conference is organized under the general theme "Moving plates and melting icecaps - Processes and forcing factors in
geology" to celebrate the centenary of the first paper on the concept of moving continents published by Alfred Wegener (Wegener, 1912) who died at the age of 50 during an expedition in Greenland.

Among the 16 sessions that are proposed 3 have been especially open for paleontologists and are included in the Topic 4 (Moving plates & Moving biotas):
Session 8: Dispersal of land vertebrates during the Paleogene
Session 9: Micro-organisms, palynomorphs and paleogeography
Session 10: Evolution of eukaryotes through time

Two other sessions of the Topic 2 (Earth at Extremes) are on specific subjects in which implication of paleontologists is also welcome:
Session 4. Black shales formation during anoxic event: climate and biodiversity variations
Session 5. Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: sedimentology, geochemistry and the biotic response

For more information regarding scientific program, excursions, keynote
lectures, committees... I invite you to consult the website:

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