jueves, octubre 06, 2011

The early history of continental drift: A centenary tribute to Alfred Wegener

Nos ha llegado información sobre un cogreso dedicado a Alfred Wegener, el padre de la deriva continental. Os la adjuntamos por si alguno le apetece y puede acercarse a Australia.

We would like to call your attention to a symposium on the History of the
Geosciences at the 34th International Geological Congress in Brisbane: (33.2) THE EARLY HISTORY OF CONTINENTAL DRIFT: A CENTENARY TRIBUTE TO ALFRED WEGENER (1912). Third circular. http://34igc.org/FileLibrary/34igc_third_circular_v5.pdf

We are looking for contributions that deal with any aspects of the continental drift theory. There were many interesting arguments for and against drift, not only by Alfred Wegener. Even though you are probably not a Wegener-historian, you might like to help us consider how Wegener's contemporaries dealt with this theory.

To encourage you to consider work by other scientists, we enclose here a list of authors who leaned toward "Fixism" or toward "Mobilism", with the years of relevant publications. Maybe you would like to present a paper showing how one of these authors dealt with ideas about the positions of continents and oceans. The IGC deadline for abstract submissions will be February 2012.

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