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Fall 2012 Internships in Panama - Geology and Paleontology of the Panama Canal

Nos ha llegado por Paleonet oferta de trabajo para hacer Geología y Paleontología en el Canal de Panama. Es una oferta restringida a ciudadanos de algunos países. Os la adjuntamos.

Fall 2012 Internships in Panama - Geology and Paleontology of the Panama Canal

NSF-funded internships are available effective immediately for the Panama Canal Project (PCP)- PIRE (NSF-funded Partnership for International Research and Education) for United States citizens or permanent residents undergraduate or post-bac students to assist with collecting fossils and other fieldwork in the exposures along the Panama Canal (Panama).

Interns will live in Panama for a minimum of 4 months conducting fieldwork under the supervision of PIRE PIs and Postdoctoral Fellows at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama City. Experience in Geological/Paleontological fieldwork and some level of bi-lingual (English/Spanish) competency is preferred. This internship provides an excellent opportunity for students who might be considering taking a semester off between their studies to gain valuable research and international experiences. PCP-PIRE internships include:  $1,000 monthly stipend; dorm style housing in Panama; relocation to/from Panama; travel to Panamanian field sites.

PCP-PIRE is a U.S.-Panamanian partnership to document the ancient marine and terrestrial biodiversity and global climate change of the New World Tropics (NWT) preserved in the 25- million-year fossiliferous sequence in Panama, and promote international education, collaboration, and exchange. Research foci include the magnitude and timing of diversity change in the NWT; the biogeographic origins, relationships, and dispersal history of the Central American fauna and flora; antiquity of the rainforest; effects of global climate change on tropical biodiversity through time; and other fundamental questions related to the emergence of the Isthmus of Panama and its past on biodiversity.

Contact: Claudia Grant at
Deadline to apply June 30, 2012

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