martes, septiembre 01, 2015

Senior Research Scientist - Vertebrate evolutionary biology

The Australian National Wildlife Collection (ANWC) within National Research Collections Australia comprises staff and collections resources such as traditional research collections, cryofrozen tissues, sound, and data itself. The ANWC is seeking to continue the growth of this collection and see its relevance maintained with respect to current rapid growth in genomics. As such, we are offering an opportunity for a suitably experienced Research Scientist, preferably with a solid grounding in collection and terrestrial vertebrates, to join our team and lead the research output of the ANWC.

As part of the formal application process, candidates will be asked to articulate how they will use the Australo-Papuan vertebrate biota to address questions of broad interest, as well as in leading CSIRO’s embracing of genomics in evolutionary biology as applied to natural populations of terrestrial vertebrates. See “Other Information - How to Apply" on the Position Details link below.
You will work at the intersection of phylogeny and adaptation, systematics and population genetics, genomics and informatics, biogeography and phylogeography especially as applied in the context of Australo-Papuan vertebrates. Developing capacity in any terrestrial vertebrate group would be encouraged and supported. This is a key role in our Wildlife Collections team with real opportunity for growth and the possibility of taking direct line management responsibility for positions such as an “Office of the Chief Executive” (OCE) Postdoctoral Fellow in the future.

Applicants must demonstrate significant relevant scientific experience, plus strong leadership and resource management capability. For the latter, this includes experience in setting up and managing work programs and projects, coordination and supervision of team members, providing direction, and choosing strategies to help maintain high levels of motivation and productivity. 

A significant publication record in peer reviewed international journals is also a key requirement.
You will incorporate novel approaches to scientific investigations by adapting and/or developing original concepts and ideas for new, existing and further research. 

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