lunes, marzo 28, 2016

Para hacer la Tesis en el Naturkundemuseum de Berlin

As part of the DFG-funded project Herbivore Niche Differentiation and the Intensification of Competition in African Savannahs, a PhD student position is opened in order to reconstruct and examine rates and modes of morphological change within a phylogenetic framework. This will be approached by examining shape changes in the ruminant skull within an age-calibrated evolutionary and ecological context, with a focus on modes and rates of change in African antelopes (Bovidae). Work will be based on comparative anatomy, largely employing 3D geometric morphometrics in order to quantify shape changes in antelope skulls of both living and African fossil species. The resulting data will be used to test models of adaptive radiation, and to examine morphological and ecological divergence among sympatric savannah herbivores.


Master’s degree (or equivalent) in some aspect of natural sciences (e.g. biology, geology). Knowledge of vertebrate comparative skeletal morphology. Experience in methods of phylogenetic systematics and phylogenetic analysis (e.g. parsimony, Bayesian). Ability to work independently as well as to contribute to a working group environment. Proficiency in English. Additional qualities may include prior experience with geometric morphometrics, knowledge of R, and a scientific publication record. Knowledge of German is beneficial, but not required.

Applications should take the form of a cover letter plus resume/CV including name and contact information for three references. Please send these to (you may cc with \'01/2016\' in the subject line by 20th April, 2016.

The official announcement for this post may be found here:

Description of the DFG project here:

The position is for 3 years and is fully funded. Start date can be as early as 15 June 2016. For further information, please contact Faysal Bibi:

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