martes, marzo 03, 2020

full-time position at Maastricht University

I'm seeking a Junior Researcher for a 3-year, full-time position at Maastricht University. This is part of the European Research Council-funded project "Trafficking Transformations" which will study the role that objects play in transnational networks (particularly criminal networks). Specifically, we will be looking at networks related to 3 types of things: antiquities, collectable wildlife, and *palaeontological material*. A qualified candidate with a background in palaeontology is especially sought as it is an expertise area that we don't currently have. I am happy to answer any further questions about the position and can share the grant documents and details with anyone interested. The position can support a visa, the project (and University) language is English, and the application deadline is 22 March.
Further, anyone with an interest in or past experience with palaeontological looting, forgery, or the illicit trade, or the development of policy: I'd love to speak with you during the course of this project. Please do not hesitate to contact me, I can tell you more about the project.

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