viernes, octubre 21, 2011

Dos puestos de trabajo en el Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Please forward these job announcements to all interested parties:

The Department of Human Evolution of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig (Germany) invites applications for two post-doctoral positions. One in Zooarchaeology and one in Physical Anthropology.

In the department, palaeoanthropological research is conducted within a multidisciplinary environment involving three main groups of scientists: biological anthropologists, Palaeolithic archeologists, and archaeological scientists/geochronologists. More information.

Post-Doctoral Position in Zooarchaeology: The position is a research post with a specialization in zooarchaeology. In addition to zooarchaeological analysis of archaeological assemblages,
we will consider favorably researchers developing novel or interesting methods addressing faunal topics including bone surface modification analysis, bone tool analysis, burned bone analysis, combined isotopic and faunal analysis, seasonality, migration, and taphonomic studies.
Experimental programs are welcome, and the department is prepared to invest in equipment to support a research program. While the focus of the Department is on the archaeological record through to the expansion of modern humans, we will also consider favorably researchers specialized in Upper Paleolithic or LSA subsistence and prepared to start a program of comparison to earlier assemblages.

Post- Doctoral Position in Physical Anthropology: The position is a research post. We expect the successful candidate to work closely with Professor Jean-Jacques Hublin on the analysis of the
Middle to Late Pleistocene cranio-dental fossil record. The selected candidate will have a Ph.D. and a significant track record of research. The initial length of the appointment is two years but the contract is extendable.

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