martes, octubre 18, 2011

Reconstrucción del paleoambiente del ámbar del Báltico

Nos ha llegado información de un paleoartista que ha realizado un bonito trabajo sobre la reconstrucción del paleambiente donde se formo el famoso ámbar del Báltico. Os adjuntamos la nota con su presentación y enlaces:

I recently commissioned some original paintings of palaeohabitats for a forthcoming book on fossil insects. The first painting (the Baltic amber forest) is now complete. The artist is a highly experienced palaeoartist and working in conjunction with myself he will be producing a series of paintings from different geological time periods. These paintings will be 'entomologically accurate' depicting, in many cases for the first time, unusual insect orders relevant to (or even specific to) the particular fossil habitat. The details of the Baltic amber reconstruction are as follows:

There is a butterfly resting on the left tree trunk, a shield bug crawling nearby lower down, & midges. Mayflies near base of tree on right. Two damselflies in the air, a preying mantis caught in resin, a spider web. The main insect is a mantophasmatodean. Larger animals are Europolemur, two Propalaeotheriums and a flightless bird, Diatryma. Palm trees to help convey that this forest was subtropical. Some trees are gymnosperms/species of oaks, etc.

The other paintings in the series will include: Devonian: Rhynie Chert Carboniferous: Coal Swamp Forest, UK. Triassic: to be decided. Permian: Russia. Jurassic: China. Cretaceous: Crato, Brazil

Ideally, it would be nice to sell the entire collection to a single institution where it could form the basis of a fabulous museum display. In this case the acceptable minimum cost would be £500 per painting (plus delivery costs), so in total £3,500 plus delivery. If sold individually, the acceptable minimum for each painting would be £650.00 (plus delivery costs). If anybody is interested in purchasing these paintings (the series should be finished within 3 months, but a 20% deposit on the purchase will be required now) please contact me off list ( The paintings will be sold to the highest offer received.

Dr David Penney. Siri Scientific Services (including Siri Scientific Press)

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