jueves, abril 18, 2013

Puesto de trabajo para paleontólogo en el Finnish Museum of Natural History

The Finnish Museum of Natural History is inviting applications for the permanent position of CURATOR specialising in palaeontology. The appointment will begin on 1st of October in 2013, or on a later date as agreed. The curator will be part of the Geology Team of the Natural Sciences Unit. The team is responsible for the mineral, rock, and fossil collections, for participation in the digitising and data management work related to the collections, for research on geology and palaeontology, for teaching in its field, and for participation in the geological survey of Finnish nature. The permanent staff of the team contains two researchers (Curator and Senior Curator) and a Senior Museum Technician.

The Curator performs independent research in the field of palaeontology. As a part of the team, the Curator is responsible for the organisation, management, and expanding of the fossil collections, and for collections-related database work. The Curator participates in the administrative tasks of the Unit. As an expert in the field, the Curator will participate in LUOMUS's tasks related to societal interaction. The Curator is expected to be active in obtaining external funding, and in supervising research students and junior colleagues. The duties include an annual average teaching load of two ECT credits. The Curator must hold a doctoral degree in the field of palaeontology and have an international publication record demonstrating competence in research in the field. In addition to scientific merits, general knowledge in geology and palaeontology, readiness for collections-based research and for collections management tasks, activity in obtaining external funding, teaching and supervising experience, proven success in popularisation of research, as well as readiness to support research-based exhibitions, capabilities of societal interaction and good teamwork skills are considered further assets.

The official languages of the University are Finnish and Swedish. Applicants of non-Finnish origin may be exempt from formal language requirements. Proficiency in English is essential. The salary will be based on levels 5-7 of the demands level chart for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities (a senior position equivalent to University Lecturer). The salary includes a component based on personal work performance. The position is filled with a 4-month trial period.

Applicants should enclose with their applications a CV and list of publications, or an academic portfolio containing the same information, and a research plan, as well as any other documents that demonstrate their merits. Applications should be addressed to the Director of the Finnish Museum of Natural History - LUOMUS, and they must be submitted, together with the required enclosures, to the address: Registrar of the University of Helsinki, P.O. BOX 33 (Yliopistonkatu 4), 00014 UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI, Finland, or by e-mail to hy-kirjaamo@helsinki.fi. The deadline for applications is 15th May 2013 at 15.45 Finnish time. Further information about the duties and salary can be obtained from Dr Markku Oinonen, Director of the Natural Sciences Unit, Finnish Museum of Natural History – LUOMUS, email: markku.j.oinonen@helsinki.fi. This is an unofficial translation of the official announcement, which can be found at http://www.helsinki.fi/rekrytointi/index.html?id=65637 (in Finnish)

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