domingo, agosto 18, 2013

Puesto de conservador de Paleontología en el University of Washington Burke Museum

The University of Washington Burke Museum invites applications for the full-time position, collections manager of paleontology. The museum, located on the university campus in Seattle, is a repository for research collections and has substantial exhibit and K-16 outreach programs. Currently the division includes three curators, one full-time collections manager, one full-time fossil preparator, and more than 20 adjunct curators and research associates. Paleontological collections at the Burke Museum are actively growing and include more than three million specimens distributed in several subdisciplines: vertebrate paleontology, paleobotany (including pollen and phytoliths), invertebrate paleontology, and micropaleontology. Smaller collections of minerals and meteorites are also included in the divisional holdings.

The successful candidate will assist the curators in day-to-day operations. Specific responsibilities include: managing collections budgets, including ordering supplies and equipment; scheduling and monitoring of visiting researchers; processing loans; processing new acquisitions; maintaining lab and field equipment; preparing collections-related grants, permits, and subsequent reports; training and supervising volunteers and students; managing digital resources, including the digitization of collections data and its dissemination on the internet. In addition, educational responsibilities include facilitating use of the collections in undergraduate and graduate courses as well as in exhibit and public programs.

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