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Para hacer la tesis en Suecia. Universidad de Uppsala

Uppsala University is an international research university focused on the development of science and education. Our most important assets are all the individuals who with their curiosity and their dedication make Uppsala University one of the 100 best universities in the world and one of Sweden's most exciting work places. Start as soon as possible or as agreed upon.

Project description: During the critical period of expansive biotic radiation in the early Cambrian, Antarctica and southern Australia where sutured together near the equator forming East Gondwana. The sedimentary rocks from both regions provide ample evidence of a shared geological, palaeontological and palaeogeographic heritage. However, there has been almost no previous systematic sampling of lower Cambrian fossiliferous successions for phosphatic shelly fossils, which have proven so important in providing a chronological framework for understanding the early evolution, ecology and biogeography of bilaterians. The research project will provide raw material for investigating the morphological diversity, phylogeny and biogeography of early (stem group) bilaterians. The project will also involve detailed palaeobiological and biostratigraphic analyses of lower Cambrian sedimentary packages from Antarctica and the rest of Gondwana.

The PhD candidate will work within a larger research program with other candidates and researchers from Sweden and abroad.

QUALIFICATIONS: We are seeking a motivated candidate with a strong interest in research who has an academic magister/master, or equivalent, in Palaeobiology or similar discipline (formally, four years of university study including a minimum of 1 year at advanced level are required. A working knowledge of the principles of systematics and experience with standard phylogenetic methodology is desirable.

The successful applicant is expected to, and should be willing, to spend time in the field in remote areas, as part of her/his PhD studies. Good oral and written proficiency in English is required.

The position is full-time for four years and may include up to 20% of research or teaching assistantship. A stipend may be paid out the first year and the following 3 years consist as a regular employee at the university. To be appointed as a PhD student it is required that the candidate has been admitted, or will be admitted, to a PhD education program, in which the ability to benefit from the PhD education is crucial. Uppsala University is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women to apply for positions.

Applications must include a CV, certified copies of diplomas and certificates, and a personal letter describing yourself and your relevant experience (maximum 2 pages). The application should also contain a summary of your master thesis and, if any, publications, and contact information for, or letters from at least two referees.

For further information, contact Professor Lars Holmer, tel. + 46 (0) 18-4712761,

YOU ARE WELCOME to submit your application NO LATER THAN 30TH SEPTEMBER 2013.

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