jueves, febrero 28, 2008

Oferta de Tesis doctoral en la Universidad de Hull

Nos ha llegado la siguiente información para hacer la Tesis doctoral en los patrones y procesos de evolución en los vertebrados.

PhD studentship on "Patterns and processes of morphological evolution in vertebrates". A NERC-funded PhD studentship supervised by Dr. Leandro Monteiro, Evolutionary Biology group, Department of Biological Sciences, The University of Hull, is available to develop a project dealing with a
quantitative approach to patterns and processes of morphological evolution. The quantitative study of shape variation of biological structures is essential for the understanding of the evolutionary and developmental
processes of organisms. Shape variation may be associated with patterns of phenotypic evolution in large scales of time and space, to genetic and environmental factors causing variation within and between
populations. Our current research projects deal with macroevolutionary patterns of morphological divergence and evolutionary integration in the skulls and mandibles of echimyid rodents and phyllostomid bats;
microevolutionary processes responsible for body shape differentiation in recently isolated populations of a livebearer fish, and evolutionary processes and patterns of shape variation in otoliths of sciaenid fishes, which can also be used for otolith-based stock identification in fisheries management.

Further information about published papers and ongoing research projects at Monteiro's lab and the Evolutionary Biology group at The University of Hull is available at http://www.hull.ac.uk/evolution/people/Monteiro/ Informal enquiries should be directed to Dr. Leandro Monteiro (l.monteiro@hull.ac.uk). Closing date for applications is 22nd March 2008. Interviews will be
held in Hull during the second week of April. The start date is 1st October 2008. Postgraduate application forms can be downloaded from our website at:

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