sábado, noviembre 21, 2009

El año de Darwin en Nature

La revista inglesa Nature acaba de publicar un número para celebrar el año de Darwin, incluye podcast que se pueden descargar gratis. Os adjuntamos la información que nos ha llegado, incluyendo los enlaces.

Nature marks the anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's On The Origin Of Species 150 years ago this week, with a special issue on biodiversity. Three News Features, four Opinion pieces, a News Story and an Editorial investigate the impact of, and solutions to, today's dramatic depletion of species, as nearly 200 nations prepare progress reports on their pact to significantly reduce the rate of loss of biodiversity by 2010, International Year of Biodiversity.

The biodiversity content from this issue plus further discussion on this week's Nature Podcast can all be accessed within our Darwin 200 special, with selected content available free online.

During this landmark year Nature has continued to celebrate the birth of Charles Darwin recognizing that no single researcher has since matched his collective impact on the natural and social sciences; on politics, religion and philosophy; on art and cultural relations. Nature?s Darwin 200 special is an extensive collection of news, features and comment commemorating Darwin's life, his science and his legacy.

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