domingo, febrero 12, 2006

Curso de paleoecologia en California

Estimados compañeros, este interesantísimo curso será impartido por un importante grupo de palentólogos que trabajan en paleontología cuantitativo

John Alroy
The Paleobiology Database
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
735 State Street, Suite 300
Santa Barbara, CA 93101-3351
phone: (805) 892-2519
FAX: (805) 892-2510


The Paleobiology Database ( is sponsoring an
intensive course in analytical paleobiology that will be held at the
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis at the
University of California, Santa Barbara. The course will take place
between Tuesday, June 27th and Monday, July 24th 2006.

Topics will include community paleoecology, quantitative
biostratigraphy, diversity curves, speciation and extinction,
morphometrics, and phylogenetics. Both simulation modelling and data
analysis methods will be explored. The course will combine lectures
and labs, and students will be given hands-on instruction in
programming and the use of analytical software, with an emphasis on
R. In addition to the course coordinator, each week a new instructor
will be present. Participating instructors are expected to include
John Alroy, Michael Foote, Nigel Hughes, Mark Patzkowsky, Pete
Wagner, and Mark Webster.

There is no fee for registration, and students will be housed for
free in apartments on the UCSB campus. Students are urged to apply
for travel funds from their home institutions. If such funds are not
available, all travel expenses beyond the first $400 will be
reimbursed completely, regardless of the country of origin. Students
are responsible for meal expenses. Additional funding for students
from outside of the United States, Canada, and Western Europe may be
provided. There are no other charges of any kind, and no other major
expenses are likely.

Participating students should be in the early stages of their own
research in paleontology. They should have a background in basic
statistics, and preferably also programming. The course is open to
all students, but first or second year graduate students are
particularly encouraged to apply, as are international students.
Applications from professionals who have completed their studies will
be considered, but strong preference will be given to students.

Applications should be submitted in PDF form to John Alroy
( no later than March 1st. Applications should
consist of a one page statement, plus a recommendation letter written
by the student's academic advisor and e-mailed separately. No form
needs to be filled out. The statement should include a description of
current research plans, a list of relevant classes taken and degrees
earned, and an account of the student's background in statistics and
programming. Applicants are encouraged to explain why the topics
addressed by the course are of special interest to them, and which of
these subjects are taught at their home institutions.

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