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Third International Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs, babies, and development biology

Teniendo en cuenta que no hay página web del THIRD INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON DINOSAUR EGGS, BABIES, AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY. Ponemos en el Weblog la segunda y tercera circular a celebrar el 13 al 15 de Abril del 2006 en el Museo Carmen Funes. Plaza Huincult, Neuquén, Patagonia, Argentina.


Scope— During recent years our knowledge of dinosaur eggs and babies has been greatly advanced through a number of worldwide discoveries. A wealth of new information has been gathered from these investigations and a core of researchers has gathered on two prior occasions (Isona, Spain and Montpellier, France) to exchange these new ideas. These past meetings have attracted a broad international participation and have often led to fruitful collaborations. The 3rd International Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs, Babies, and Developmental Biology is a follow-up to these two international meetings.

The 3rd International Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs, Babies, and Developmental Biology provides opportunities for expanding our approach to other research areas of developmental biology, while at the same time maintaining our connection with the scientific problems of dinosaur eggs and embryos. Thus, in addition to papers on what has been the core of the previous meetings on Dinosaur Eggs and Babies—the morphology, taphonomy, taxonomy, and systematics of eggs, nest, and embryos—we invite participants to deliver papers on reproductive behavior and physiology, life history, ontogenetic development, growth rates and paleohistology, and sexual dimorphism, and to include birds (extant dinosaurs) within their focus of research.

Program—The 3rd International Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs, Babies, and Developmental Biology will take place at the Museo Carmen Funes (Plaza Huincul, Argentina) from April 13th to April 15th, 2006.

The Symposium will consist of three days of presentations (plenary speakers, regular platform presentations, and posters). These presentations will be published (after peer-review process) in a special volume (publisher to be determined but Ameghiniana is a likely option).

Pre and post-meeting field excursions are planned to the main fossil localities of Neuquén Basin, including a one-day excursion to the Auca Mahuevo nesting site (April 16th). A Symposium banquet (April 15th) will be held at the closure of the meeting.


As we approach the time of the Third International Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs, Babies, and Developmental Biology, we are pleased to inform that more than 30 professionals from different countries in North America, Europe, and South America have already registered. Below we update you with some additional information.

Abstract—The deadline for abstract submission is February 1, 2006. Please submit your abstract as an attached MS Word document to the meeting’s email address ( It would helpful if you also send a copy of your abstract to the organizers: and

Please format the abstract according to the following guidelines:
INITIALS AND LAST NAME OF AUTHORS IN UPPER CASE AND CENTERED – separate names by an “and” if only two authors, or a “comma” if more than two (e.g., R. A. CORIA and L. M. CHIAPPE; R. A. CORIA, L. M. CHIAPPE, and T. REX)
Addresses in lower case and aligned to the left; indicate addresses with superscript numbers and please list your email address
Text should not exceed 300 words; it should be written in a single paragraph and aligned to the left.
The entire abstract should be written in Times New Roman (size 12) and in single space.

Please include neither references nor new taxa; Argentine specimens must include collection numbers in official institutions

For examples of abstract guidelines, please check recent issues of Ameghiniana.

Registration and Field Trips—Registrations and field trip(s) can be only paid at the meeting in cash (ATM machines are available in Plaza Huincul and Cutral-Co). Two post-meeting excursions have been planned (see questionnaire below): (1) a day trip to Auca Mahuevo (Sunday, April 16th; U$S 20); (2) a two-day excursion to the marine Late Jurassic and terrestrial Lower Cretaceous localities of Neuquen Basin (April 17th-18th. There is a minimum number for this excursion, if you are interested please the front desk of the Museum at the meeting; the price of this excursion needs to be determined).

If you haven’t mailed your abstract, please email it (and if possible, include the questionnaire attached to the second circular) to me ( Please copy your email to Rodolfo Coria:

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