miércoles, agosto 23, 2006

Geologica Acta

El nuevo número de la revista Geológica Acta se puede descargar en: http://www.geologica-acta.com

Los articulos son los siguientes

High-frequency carbonate-siliciclastic cycles in the Miocene of the Lorca Basin, Spain C. THRANA and M.R. TALBOT

Combined analysis of different logs in quantification of exhumation and its implications for hydrocarbon exploration, a case study from Australia A. MAVROMATIDIS

Late Triassic-early Jurassic Neotethyan evolution at Northern Gondwana (Jordan and Libya, Mediterranean region) I.M. MAKHLOUF

The oldest lagonomegopid spider, a new species in Lower Cretaceous amber from Álava, Spain D. PENNEY

Genesis of self-organized zebra textures in burial dolomites: Displacive veins, induced stress, and dolomitization E. MERINO, A. CANALS and R.C. FLETCHER

A revised Ordovician age for the oldest magmatism of Central Iberia: U-Pb ion-microprobe and LA-ICPMS dating of the Miranda do Douro orthogneiss F. BEA, P. MONTERO, C. TALAVERA and T. ZINGUER

The Carboniferous System. Use of the new official names for the subsystems, series. P.H. HECKEL and G. CLAYTON

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