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Primera Circular del EAVP meeting 2007

Os adjuntamos la primera circular del EAVP Meeting 2007.

The next European Meeting of Vertebrate Palaeontology will be held in Carcassonne on 15-19 may 2007. Carcassonne is the town with two sites on the World Heritage list (i.e. the Medieval City and the Canal du Midi). Furthermore it is the main town close to the famous Espéraza Dinosaur Museum. In the footsteps of Abbe Jean-Jacques Pouech, a pioneer of vertebrate palaeontology in Southwestern France, the conference will take place at Notre Dame de l’Abbaye, close to the medieval city (http://eglisecatho-aude.cef.fr/maccueil/index.html). A free car park is available at this place. One excursion (included in the registration fees) will visit the new Espéraza Dinosaur Museum (opening april 2007). Another one (on Saturday 19th May) is planned on Meso-Cenozoic vertebrate localities of the Carcassonne Basin and the Corbières. You will have several opportunities to taste the great Corbières and Minervois wines during this meeting. We also plan to offer you a pure moment of French gastronomy during the symposium dinner.

Accomodation is easy to find in this very touristic town: http://www.carcassonne-tourisme.com/carcassonne2.nsf/pgeAccueil. There are very cheap rooms and dormitories available at the conference center (http://eglisecatho-aude.cef.fr/maccueil/index.html) and at the Youth Hostel inside the medieval City (2 minutes walk from Notre Dame de l’Abbaye). Ryanair offers low cost flights to and from Carcassonne to and from London, Dublin, Charleroi, etc. (http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/?culture=GB). Surprisingly enough, Carcassonne airport has no domestic flights from other French airports! The closest domestic airport is Toulouse (from Toulouse it is easy to reach Carcassonne by train in 45 minutes). Colleagues interested in joining the meeting should send an e-mail to: jeanleloeuff@yahoo.fr with their name, institutional address and a provisional title.

Normal fee: 75 euros. EAVP Members: 50 euros. Students: 40 euros. Students EAVP members : 30 euros

The second circular will be sent in February 2007.

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