miércoles, septiembre 17, 2008

Dos puestos de Profesor Ayudante en Ecología y Evolución en la la Universidad Stony Brook

Nos ha llegado información de dos puestos de trabajo en bioestadística y ecología de plantas en el Department of Ecology and Evolution de la Brook University que os adjuntamos

Ecological/Evolutionary Statistics: We seek a biostatistician working in ecology and/or evolution, with broad experience in statistical theory and methods. We especially welcome those developing new statistical approaches. The research area is open. Possible research areas could include statistical genetics, genomics, landscape ecology, population dynamics, and morphometrics using approaches including multivariate analysis, meta-analysis, Bayesian statistics, and spatial statistics, among others. The successful candidate will teach a core graduate course in Biometry as well as other graduate or undergraduate courses in their area of expertise.

Terrestrial Plant Ecology: We are seeking applications from plant ecologists working at the interface between community and ecosystem ecology and interested in problems related to global change, but we will consider outstanding candidates in any area of plant ecology, including species interactions, community dynamics, physiological ecology, and plant demography. Candidates with strong backgrounds in quantitative methods and with interests in spatial or experimental approaches are especially welcome.

Applications will be considered as they are received until November 1. Stony Brook University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Replies will be sent to the list. For more information visit http://www.morphometrics.org

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