viernes, julio 31, 2009

Oferta para hacer tesis doctoral estudiando el Terciario de la Cuenca Mediterránea en Italia

La oferta para hacer tesis doctorales empieza también a moverse. Os adjuntamos la información para hacer la tesis en Italia sobre el Neógeno del Mediterráneo que nos ha llegado. Es para la Universidad de Roma, pero los estudiantes italianos y residentes en Italia están excluidos. Hay que tener el grado o estudios similares, de manera que el acceso al doctorado sea inmediato.

Doctoral School in Earth Science "Integrated stratigraphy approach for the study of the Neogene
Mediterranean sedimentary Basin". The aim of this research topic is to teach the PhD student a powerful tool as the use of the integrated stratigraphy for the study of the tectono-sedimentary evolution of the sedimentary basins. This approach will lead the student a) to detail times in which the sedimentary events occurred; b) to recognize the general causes which drove yhose events /climatic, tectonic). The Mediterranean area chosen for the 2009-2012 PhD research is the SE coast of the Anatolian Peninsula (Turkey), in particular the Mut and Adana Basins. This topic will be carried out in the frame of the International TopoEurope-Eurocores Project "VAMP - Vertican Anatolian Movements Project" within the Italian Research Unit IT1, in collaboration with other research units from The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and Turkey and within the Bilateral research Project between Roma Tre University and the Cukurova University of Adana, The research will include field surveys and sampling of the Mut and Adana areas the analysis of ostracod faunas from a biostratigraphical and palaeoecological perspective and magnetostratigraphy at the Dipartimento di Scienze Geologiche of Roma Tre University and other international research institutions.

To be admitted the candidate shall submit his/her application, exclusively by WEB, filling the form available on-line at the address
before 25 August 2009 (h 24.00).

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