martes, agosto 11, 2009

Science & Past: approaching materials studies and cultural heritage

El IUCA en el que nos integramos los aragosaureros acaba de preparar un curso para el tratamiento de materiales arqueológicos y/o con información histórica. Se va a celebrar en Zaragoza, en Octubre de este año. Os adjuntamos la información que nos ha llegado y los enlaces donde inscribirse

We are organizing an interdisciplinary course for graduated students and professionals on cultural heritage, entitled: “SCIENCE & PAST: APPROACHING MATERIALS STUDIES AND CULTURAL HERITAGE”, which will be held in Zaragoza (Spain) on 27-30 October 2009.
The course is focused on the development and use of scientific techniques in order to extract archaeological and historical information from the cultural heritage. The lectures are addressing to students in chemistry, physics, geology, archaeology, conservation science, etc., to acquire a solid knowledge on natural and material sciences applied to the study, safeguarding and authentication of material heritage.

The course will consist of theoretical and practical lectures, and it will open to a limited number of participants. A provisional program and the pre-registration form are included.
For further information or to register, please contact us: or visit our website:

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