lunes, noviembre 01, 2010

Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology

Para investigadores y aficionados a la paleontología de invertebrados los libros de referencia para clasificar estos fósiles es el Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology. Se trata de libros que recogen todos los conocimientos de los invertebrados divididos por grupos, especialmente importante es para la sistemática, ya que las propuestas de estos libros son las que generalmente se siguen. Acaba de llegarnos una información que el Treatise y las sucesivas puestas al día van a poder estar disponibles en internet. Os adjuntos la información:

The Paleontological Institute, University of Kansas, is delighted to announce the launch of Treatise Online, an online-only version of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, in which new chapters of forthcoming volumes of the Treatise are published ahead of completion of hard-copy volumes.

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Over the last 50+ years, each volume of the Treatise has presented the state of knowledge of each invertebrate fossil group at the time of publication. Each volume is a monumental achievement by the renowned experts in the field, and has taken several years to complete. Commonly, parts of each volume are ready for publication long before the whole volume is sent to print. As a consequence, some parts need a final revision before publication (resulting in further delays), and some authors have not lived to see the fruits of their labors published. Now, thanks to digital publishing, the Paleontological Institute is able to present parts of forthcoming Treatise volumes ahead of final publication. The benefits are that authors see their work in print very soon after submission and the information is available to researchers immediately.

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