lunes, enero 20, 2020

The Arthur James Boucot Research Grants

The Paleontological Society supports research for early-career paleontologists. The deadline for such two early-career grants is February 1, 2020 and we encourage you to consider applying for either, or passing this along to colleagues who you think may be interested in applying.

The Arthur James Boucot Research Grants support early-career paleontologists in the fields of morphology, taxonomy, and biostratigraphy, working on any taxa, preferably with some combination of these approaches and a significant fieldwork component. Arthur James Boucot Research Grants support original research by current postdoctoral students, assistant professors (pre-tenure), and other early career paleontologists with a PhD, with the possible exception of an occasional individual deemed to be unusually qualified. Paleontologists must be associated with universities, institutes, and academies of science, or equivalent institutions.

The Norman Newell Grants complement the Arthur Boucot grants, and preference is therefore given to research projects in areas not covered by the Arthur Boucot grant topical areas. Eligible applicants include paleontologists who completed their Ph.D. within the last five years and who are members in good standing of the Paleontological Society.

Applicants can only apply to one of these Early Career Grants per funding year. To broaden the reach of Paleontological Society funds, recipients of a Norman Newell grant may not apply for an Arthur Boucot grant, nor may they apply for a second Norman Newell grant. Similarly, recipients of an Arthur Boucot grant may not apply for a Norman Newell grant.

Additional details on the grants, including eligibility, funding, and application instructions can be found at the PS website at

If you have any questions about either grant, please contact (off list) Chair of the Boucot Grant Sally Walker  or Chair of the Newell Grant Phil Novack-Gottshall .

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