miércoles, junio 07, 2006

Libro C/T en la Antártida

Acaba de salir un nuevo libro sobre los cambios ambientales desde el Cretácico Medio al Neógeno en la Antártida. Tiene buen aspecto. Adjuntamos la información para los interesados

SP258 - Cretaceous-Tertiary High-Latitude Palaeoenvironments: James Ross Basin, Antarctica
Edited by J. E. Francis, D. Pirrie and J. A. Crame List price £75.00; GSL members price £37.50

High-latitude settings are sensitive to climatically driven palaeoenvironmental change and the resultant biotic response. Climate change through the peak interval of Cretaceous warmth, Late Cretaceous cooling, onset and expansion of the Antarctic ice sheet, and subsequently the variability of Neogene glaciation, are all recorded within the sedimentary and volcanic successions exposed within the James Ross Basin, Antarctica. This site provides the longest onshore record of Cretaceous-Tertiary sedimentary and volcanic rocks in Antarctica and is a key reference section for Cretaceous-Tertiary global change. The sedimentary succession is richly fossiliferous, yielding diverse invertebrate, vertebrate and plant fossil assemblages, allowing the reconstruction of both terrestrial and marine systems. The papers within this volume provide an overview of recent advances in the understanding of palaeoenvironmental change spanning the mid-Cretaceous to the Neogene of the James Ross Basin and related biotic change, and will be of interest to many working on Cretaceous and Tertiary palaeoenvironmental change.

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