viernes, julio 28, 2006


Nos ha llegado este mensaje. No tenemos experiencia si este servicio funciona bien. Por lo que si hay alguién que lo ha hecho nos gustaría conocer su opinión.

You one of paleontologists to whom I have dispatched this letter. I collect scientific articles about dinosaurs. At me them has collected about 2500 (only about dinosaurs). I want to help to find faster to paleontologists the literature necessary to them for their jobs.
I suggest to visit my site -

On his pages you can will familiarize with articles about dinosaurs since 2001 on present time.
Besides the name of article (the author, year, magazine and so on) its resume is submitted also. Except for that constantly there are newarticles. Any of submitted articles costs all $ 0,25 (the symbolical price).
Also I can change her for another which at me no. Except for that you can download the list of all my articles since 1824! He is here:

All articles are sent after payment to you on email. But if you need many articles I with pleasure shall send them to you on a CD - disk usual mail. The list will consist only of articles about dinosaurs! But I also have articles about pterosaurus, the crocodiles, lizards, birds,
mammals and other ancient animals. About 4-5 thousand articles.
Therefore ask me that you need also I shall search.
Also I want to emphasize especially. It not commercial structure! I simply exchange and I help people to find articles necessary to them. The detailed information can be found on a site, and all interesting questions set to me:

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