jueves, abril 26, 2007

Trabajo para colecciones de Paleontología de invertebrados

Un puesto de trabajo como conservador de invertebrados y plantas en el Natural History de Londres. Os adjuntamos la información

Department of Palaeontology, The Natural History Museum (London). Invertebrates & Plants Collections Managers. Starting salary: £27,185 - £33,000 pa (depending on experience). Closing Date ­ 9 May 2007

The Department of Palaeontology is seeking two experienced collection managers specialising in invertebrate or fossil plant collections who can lead the department¹s Invertebrates and Plants A and B curation teams and apply their expertise to the support of a wide range of palaeontological studies. The Invertebrates and plants A-Team covers a diverse group of taxa
including arthropods, corals, bryozoans and plants whilst the B-Team is responsible for the collections of fossil molluscs, brachiopods, sponges, and Œworms¹. Together, these collections comprise more than eighty per cent of the Palaeontology Department¹s holdings. We are looking for highly motivated, self-confident individuals with extensive collections management
experience who will be able to develop a strong collections management programme underpinning the major research programmes of the NHM. You will need to have good organisational, leadership and team-working/collaborative skills, as well as a high degree of personal creativity.

You must have a BSc or equivalent, specialist knowledge of the systematics of a fossil invertebrate or plant group, a demonstrable knowledge of contemporary collections management procedures, and have experience in project managing curation projects. You should also be willing to proactively contribute to the Museum s income generation needs as well as its media and outreach programmes which communicate science information to a
wide and diverse audience. Relevant post-graduate education, experience of writing successful collections grant applications and undergraduate or postgraduate teaching are all highly desirable. The position will be a permanent appointment after a one-year probationary interval.

For further information including a full job description and to apply online please visit the Natural History Museum website at www.nhm.ac.uk/jobs

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