miércoles, abril 23, 2008

Puesto de trabajo en el Paleontological Research Institution

Puesto de trabajo de cinco años de coordinador en Ciencias de la Tierra en el PRI. Os adjuntamos la información, aunque no hay muchos colegas que puedan acceder a este puesto de Trabajo

Teacher Professional Development Coordinator. Description: The Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) has an opening for a Teacher Professional Development Coordinator in Earth system science. This position is funded over the next five years by a National Science Foundation grant to develop teacher professional development resources to help secondary school science teachers use real-world regional and local Earth system science as the focus of an inquiry-based, systems approach to teaching Earth science. The project expands upon existing "Teacher-Friendly Guides" to Earth science of the Northeastern and Southeastern U.S., creating Guides and teacher resources for each of five other regions of the U.S.

The position involves two related means of coordinating teacher participation in the project: (1) organizing logistics of workshops and ongoing teacher support, working collaboratively in each of the five regions with secondary school teachers in advisory panels and workshops; (2) management of online resources and interactive tools associated with the project website (which will be created by an outside vendor). The online resources will include the Teacher-Friendly Guides themselves, together with an associated virtual fieldwork database and a variety of other tools for teacher interaction and learning.

Qualifications: Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills required. Experience in secondary school science education, in use of online collaborative tools, and website development very helpful. Should have
passion for Earth system science, Earth science education, and best practices in teacher professional development. This position is best for someone who enjoys using web-based technology, would enjoy organizing workshops, and has the capacity for traveling to numerous meetings and conferences. Salary within the range $30,000-$39,000, depending on experience. Position will begin by summer 2008 or earlier.
Applications: Applicants should send a cover letter describing your interest in and qualifications for the position, a resume/CV, and a list of three references (including address, phone number, and e-mail address) by
email to rmr16@cornell.edu

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