sábado, noviembre 01, 2008

Publicado el último número de Paleontologia Electronica

Acaba de publicarse el último número de Paleontologia Electronica. Os adjuntamos los contenidos

A Review of the Post-Mortem Dispersal of Cephalopod Shells. By Richard A. Reyment

An Araucarian Conifer Bract-Scale Complex from the Lower Jurassic of Massachusetts: Implications for Estimating Phylogenetic/Stratigraphic Congruence in the Araucariacea. By Brian J. Axsmith, Ignacio H. Escapa, and Philip Huber

New Information on the Upper Triassic Archosauriform Vancleavea campi Based on New Material from the Chinle Formation of Arizona (print). By William G. Parker and Bronson J. Barton

Dispersed Leaf Cuticle from the Early Miocene of Southern New Zealand. By Mike Pole

Enigmatic Trace Fossils from the Aeolian Lower Jurassic Clarens Formation, Southern Africa. By Emese M. Bordy

Is There An Option for a Pneumatic Stablization of Sauropod Necks? An Experimental and Anatomical Approach (print). By Daniela Schwarz-Wings and Eberhard Frey

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