lunes, diciembre 01, 2008

Trabajo de paleoceanografía para geólogos

Nos ha llegado una oferta de trabajo para geólogos doctores para desarrollar investigación paleoceanográfica en Dinamarca. Os adjuntamos el texto:

The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation hereby invites applications for a 2-year postdoc. project in Palaeoceanography, which will be carried out within the framework of a major research program dealing with the marine climate and ecosystem around the Faroe Islands. The project will be administratively managed by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.

Job description: An important objective of the post doc. project Reconstruction of Holocene North Atlantic Ocean variability around the Faroe Islands is to focus on Holocene time slices known for warm climate anomalies (e.g. Holocene Thermal Maximum, Medieval Warm Period) and reconstruct ocean circulation patterns and possible changes in primary production during these periods. The studies will be based on the analysis of marine sediment cores, using microfossils (e.g. diatoms, and/or dinoflagellates, foraminifera) and relevant additional sediment proxy-data also including grain size parameters.

Qualifications: A degree in geology is required for this position, field work experience is desirable.

Contact: For supplementary information, please contact senior scientist Antoon Kuijpers (email or Head of Department Karen Edelvang (email, GEUS.

Application: 2 February 2009. Applications with relevant information (CV, publication list, etc, but no
reprints) must be sent to the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Øster Voldgade 10, DK 1350 Copenhagen, Denmark, attn Karen Edelwamg, marked Post.doc. in Palaeoceanography. The application and relevant papers can also be emailed to

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