martes, febrero 05, 2013

Para investigar en microfósiles del Ordovícico

Una tesis financiada en la Universidad de Lille 1 (Francia) para investigar en microfósiles del Ordovícico. Os adjuntamos la información.

ANR project SeqStrat-Ice  tied PhD fellowship Lessons from our Ancient Frozen Planet: towards a unified theory for glacial sequence stratigraphy
The glaciogenic sedimentary record is our only direct archive of ancient glaciations. Understanding this archive is of fundamental scientific importance when modelling past climate change but also of socio-economic importance as they are key reservoir rocks for petroleum as well as for groundwater. This ANR (French national research council) research project aims to develop an original, universal sequence stratigraphic model for glaciogenic successions, enabling the investigation of the glaciogenic records through space and time. It includes numerical modelling efforts of glaciation-related depositional systems, alongside an in-depth sequence stratigraphic study of ancient glacial records.

The fieldwork-based PhD fellowship integrates the deep-time data collecting part of project, and will be focusing on the extremely well-exposed and well-developed Late Ordovician glacial record of Morocco. One of the main tasks will be the study of chitinozoan micropalaeontology and geochemistry in a sedimentological and sequence stratigraphic context, based on carefully selected near-field sections. Comparison with far-field low-and-mid-palaeolatitude sections will also be part of the project. You will be based at Lille.

The research team includes 4 academic partners: 3 academic research groups (IPG Strasbourg, Biogéosciences Dijon, Géosystèmes Lille) and the IFP-Energies Nouvelles.


Dr. Thijs Vandenbroucke (CNRS-Lille1): micro-palaeontology

Dr. Jean-François Ghienne (CNRS-IPGS, Strasbourg): glacial sedimentology


Further info on our website:

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