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Oportunidades de trabajo para paleontólogos

  La Web Geological Curators' Group tiene un apartado con ofertas de trabajo para paleontólogos que se va actualizando constantemente. Muchas de estas plazas tienen que ver que trabajos en museos, pero las posibilidades son variadas. Os dejamos algunas de las plazas que se pueden solicitar y los enlaces por si alguno de nuestros lectores se anima. En la Charterhouse Museum también os ponemos la información que se encuentra en la web para dares una idea del tipo de plazas que se trata.

Museum Cataloguer
Charterhouse, Godalming, Surrey
Deadline: 10th October
More Info: http://www.geocurator.org/news/jobs.htm#414

History of Charterhouse
Charterhouse was founded in 1611. The original foundation was at Sutton’s Hospital in London.  The School moved to its present magnificent site near Godalming in Surrey in 1872. There are now over 800 pupils aged 13 to 18, all but c.60 of whom are boarders. 70 girls a year are admitted to the Sixth Form. The School enjoys outstanding cultural and sporting facilities, and an enviable record of academic and all-round achievement. In September 2008 the School adopted a policy of terminal assessment for its sixth form courses, most of which are from the new Cambridge International Examinations Pre-U specifications. The School introduced the IB Diploma Programme as an alternative programme of study in September 2011.

The position Based at one of England's most prestigious public schools, the Charterhouse Museum was founded in 1874 with the purposed of enriching the pupils’ learning and it comprises an extraordinarily diverse collection of archaeology, ethnography, medals and coins, military and historical items, natural history, geology and School memorabilia. The Museum was dismantled in 2002 and many items were sold, but the remainder now requires re-cataloguing. The Museum Cataloguer will be responsible for this task, with particular focus on the Natural History and Geology collection.

Key responsibilities:
1. Identify, photograph and re-catalogue the artefacts in the Charterhouse Museum store. 
2. Compile a database of the current Museum collection.
3. Extract data from Museum's historical paper records. 
4. Assess the overall packaging and storage of the collection. 
5. Liaise with teaching staff to make artefacts available as teaching resources.

Required skills

• A good first degree and a postgraduate qualification in a Museum-related field.
• Good research skills
• Experience of Museum object handling and storage
• Good IT skills
• Practical skill in photographing objects
• Strong self-motivation, good time-management skills and the ability to work without close supervision in a lone working environment.
• Enthusiasm for developing museum teaching resources


• An interest in Natural History and Geology, as well as wide-ranging historical and archaeological knowledge

Geologist (Paleontology) / Paleontologist
Bureau of Land Management, Montana State Office, Billings, Montana
Deadline: 16th October
More info: http://www.geocurator.org/news/jobs.htm#415

Managing Director - Centres for Earth & Space, Fossils & Evolution
Centre for Earth & Space, The Royal Ontario Museum
Deadline: 24th October
More info: http://www.geocurator.org/news/jobs.htm#416

Curator, late Pleistocene Rancho La Brea collections
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Page Museum at the La
Brea Tar Pits
Deadline: 1st December
More info: http://www.geocurator.org/news/jobs.htm#417

Curator (Assistant or Associate), Dinosaur Institute
Dinosaur Institute, The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Deadline: 1st December
More info: http://www.geocurator.org/news/jobs.htm#418
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