miércoles, abril 18, 2007

Nuevo libro de saurópodos

La Palaeontological Association acaba de publicar un nuevo libro dedicado a los dinosaurios sauropodomorfos titulado "Evolution and Palaeobiology of early sauropodomorph dinosaurs". Esta editado por Paul M. Barrett and David J Batten. Su precio es 75 libras y 38 libras para sus socios. Para los interesados adjuntamos los contenidos:

- The first complete skull of the Triassic dinosaur Melanorsaurus Haughton (Sauropodomorpha: Anchisauria). By A.M. YATES
- A phylogenetic analysis of basal sauropodomorph relationships: implications for the origin of sauropod dinosaurs. By P. UPCHURCH, P.M. BARRETT and P.M GALTON
- The Evolution of feeding mechanisms in early sauropodomorph dinosaurs. By P.M. BARRETT and P. UPCHURCH
- The pectoral girdle and forelimb anatomy of the stem-sauropodomorph Saturnalia tupiniquim (Upper Triassic, Brazil). By M.C. LANGER, M.A.G. FRANÇA and S. GABRIEL
- Were the basal sauropodomorph dinosaurs Plateosaurus and Massospondylus habitual quadrupeds? By M.F. BONNAN and P. SENTER
- A new description of the forelimb of the basal sauropodomorph Melanorosaurus: implication for the evolution of pronation, manus shape and quadrupedalism in sauropod dinosaurs. By M.F. BONNAN and A.M YATES
- Bone histology and growth of the prosauropod dinosaur Plateosaurus engelhardti von Meyer, 1837 from the Norian bonebeds of Trossingen (Germany) and Frick (Switzerland). By N. KLEIN and P.M SANDER
- What pneumaticity tells us about ‘prosauropods’, and vice versa. By M. WEDEL
- New information on Lessemsaurus sauropoiders (Dinosauria: Sauropodomorpha) from the Upper Triassic of Argintina. By D. POL and J.E POWELL
- New information on the braincase and skull of Anchisaurus polyzelus (Lower Jurassic, Connecticut, USA; Saurischia: Sauropodomorpha): implication for sauropodomorph systematics. By T.J. FEDAK and P.M. GALTON
- Basal Sauropodomorpha: historical and recent phylogenetic hypotheses, with comments on Ammisaurus major (Marsh, 1889). By P.C. SERENO

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