sábado, diciembre 13, 2008

Puestos de paleontólogos en Natural History Museum /University of Copenhagen)

Nos ha llegado información por paleonet sobre unos puestos de paleontólogos para Dinamarca.

Natural History Museum of Denmark (Geological Museum), University of Copenhagen. PhD Fellowship - 3 years. The Natural History Museum of Denmark is seeking a highly-motivated, qualified candidate to pursue the following research project, fully funded by the Danish Natural Research Council: Climatic and environmental changes and the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event (GOBE). Supervisors will be Professor David Harper together with Arne Thorshøj Nielsen and Jan Audun Rasmussen in the Palaeozoic Research Group (Natural History Museum of Denmark).

Candidates should hold a MSc degree in geosciences. Previous experience in invertebrate palaeontology and a basic knowledge of numerical methods are recommended, as is fluency in English. Fluency in Danish would be an advantage. The applicant should also have a track record in fieldwork. Applications should include a short curriculum vitae, publication list, a copy of the applicant's diploma, names of two professional referees, and a short statement on personal research interests. It should be e-mailed to Professor David Harper, DHarper@snm.ku.dk from whom further information may also be obtained. Closing date for applications: February 1st 2009.

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