jueves, diciembre 06, 2007

Puesto de trabajo para paleontólogo de Moluscos Bivalvos

Parece que a final de año, las instituciones norteamericanas se animan a ofertar numerosos puestos de trabajo para paleontólogos, !quién decía que la Paleontología no interesaba! Se trata de desarrollar el proyecto del árbol de la vida para moluscos bivalvos en la Web. No me enrollo más, para quién le pueda interesar os adjunto la información.

Scientists at the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI), in cooperation with Field Museum of Natural History, Harvard University, and eight other international partners, have been awarded a five-year National Science Foundation grant to build the Tree of Life for Bivalve Mollusks. We have an immediate opening for a skilled person with good communication
skills to join our not-for-profit team. Participate in the planning, design, implementation, and execution of website activities that will facilitate communication and data-sharing among 15 scientists from 11 different institutions around the globe, translate research results into
retrievable knowledge for the lay public, teachers, and students, and produce and maintain web-based deliverables. This is a full-time, five-year position dedicated to the requirements of the grant and other IT needs of PRI.

Requirements: Excellent organizational skills. 3 to 5 years of demonstrated proficiency in web design and implementation. Ability to work independently and in small groups, manage time, and meet project deadlines. Must work out of our Ithaca, NY, office. Start date January 2008

Skills sought: Project Management experience is a must. Experience with SQL type databases (MySQL), PHP, HTML, *NIX machines. Solid understanding of cross-browser/platform issues and coding solutions. Familiarity with Joomla website design software and Mesquite
evolutionary analysis software

Compensation: Salary to be determined, depending upon qualifications (please include
salary requirements in your cover letter). Standard benefits package, including health, disability, dental. Employee discounts for Museum programs and store

Application: Email by 20 December 2007 your resume and cover letter to: pmm37@cornell.edu

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