domingo, febrero 08, 2009

Puesto de trabajo en el Smithsonian Institution

Puesto de trabajo en el Department of Paleobiology del National Museum of Natural History. Smithsonian Institution de EE.UU.

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History seeks a paleobiologist to conduct an integrative, specimen-based research program in non-dinosaurian vertebrates. The successful candidate is expected to pursue creative studies of evolutionary and/or paleoecological patterns and processes using morphology, phylogenetics, biogeography, and/or biogeochemistry. Publication in peer-reviewed journals in specialty areas is expected, as is curation of appropriate collections, professional service to the scientific community, and educational outreach to the public in a manner commensurate with emerging leadership in the area of specialty.

The position is initially a 4-year appointment and will be filled at the GS-12 level. The museum’s authorized salary range for this position is $73,100­$82,845 per year commensurate with experience. All candidates are encouraged to apply, including those whose academic status is ³All But Dissertation² (ABD), currently performing postdoctoral work, or engaged in early stages of their academic careers. Reference Announcement #09A-MS-294954-DEU-NMNH and specific application procedures at or The announcement is open on February 6, 2009. Applications must be received by March 9, 2009 and must reference announcement number. This is an interdisciplinary position to be filled by either a Research Geologist or a Research Biologist, depending upon the applicant¹s primary discipline. All applications will be notified by email or phone when their application is received. U.S citizenship is required.

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