martes, marzo 15, 2011

Predoctoral en Suecia

El Museo de Historia Natural de Suecia oferta un predoctoral. Os adjuntamos la información.

The Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM), Laboratory for Isotope Geology (LIG), Stockholm, invites applications for a PhD-student postion. This is a joint project between NRM, Stockholm University (Department of Geological Sciences, IGV), Oxford University (Department of Earth Sciences), UK and Pacific Oceanological Institute (POI) in Vladivostock, Russia.

The Lena River of Eastern Siberia is one of the largest rivers on the Earth. Vast areas of the North are covered by Taiga and Tundra and hold huge stocks of organic carbon. Much of these areas are underlain by permafrost, especially in Siberia, where rivers transport large quantities of organic carbon, nutrients, and micronutrient trace metals to the Arctic Ocean. Global warming is thawing the permafrost and changing the river fluxes of these constituents and altering the biogeochemistry of the Arctic Ocean in ways that are not understood.

The project focus will be on the vast Lena River watershed and the overarching goal of the PhD-project is to use isotopic fingerprints to identify the sources of constituents and provide tracers for identifying changing fluxes from the various sub-basins. These river fluxes will be used to identify planning and organising the field work. This will be done in collaboration with experienced partners in the UK, Russia and USA.

You should have a degree in geoscience or environmental science, preferably directed towards chemistry or chemical- environmental engineering. Experience in laboratory work is a merit.

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