miércoles, diciembre 07, 2011

Volcanisms, impacts and Mass Extinctions: Causes & Effects

En Marzo del 2013 se va a celebrar un interesante congreso sobre las extinciones en masa, volcanismo e impactos. Os adjuntamos la información que nos ha llegado.

On March 27-29, 2013 London's Natural History Museum (NHM) will host an international, multi-disciplinary conference that brings together researchers from across the geological, geophysical, and biological disciplines to assess the state of research into the causes of mass extinction events. The main goal of this conference will be to evaluate the respective roles of volcanism, bolide impacts, sea level fluctuations and associated climate and environmental changes in major episodes of species extinction.

The conference website can be accessed at:
http://massextinction.princeton.edu/ which includes information about the technical programme, invited speakers, registration, and contact
information. This site also includes the conference's First Circular which can be downloaded as a pdf file.

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