domingo, diciembre 04, 2011

Ayudas económicas para investigar en Micropaleontología

The Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research annually offers three student research awards, with the amount of each award being up to US $2,000. Students with developed or planned research projects are encouraged to apply for support.

*Joseph A. Cushman Award for Student Research* supports graduate research projects dealing with the systematics, biostratigraphy, evolution, ecology/paleoecology, or genetics of fossil or living foraminifera.

*William V. Sliter Research Award* supports graduate research on any topic dealing with Mesozoic and Cenozoic foraminifera.

*Loeblich and Tappan Student Research Award* supports undergraduate and graduate research on any aspect of living or fossil foraminifera or other protists, such as diatoms, coccolithophorids, dinoflagellates, acritarchs, or radiolaria.

Instructions and application forms can be found at the Cushman Foundation website: The application deadline is March 1, 2012. Proposals will be evaluated and funds awarded soon thereafter.

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