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Head of Research National Museum Wales

Head of Research National Museum Wales 

Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales has a strong track record of research across a wide range of disciplines and subject areas, including history, archaeology, art history, earth sciences, life sciences, conservation, collections management.

The Museum also has a growing research expertise at a national level in learning, interpretation, public engagement and museology – an expertise that will also be vital for delivering impact for future funding and partnerships. The Museum is recognised by Research Councils UK as an Independent Research Organisation. This new post is required in order to drive forward a coordinated and ambitious programme of well-funded and impactful research across Amgueddfa Cymru and ensure its success.

The Head of Research will work with senior staff in departments across the Museum and with external funders and research partners to set research priorities defined by the Museum’s Vision, ensuring that the Museum significantly increases its external funding, with the aim of making research projects self-sufficient, and develops excellent research that delivers the required outcomes for the Museum and the public.

The Museum has recently established a Research Advisory Committee of external experts and Trustees, to support the Head of Research in developing the Museum’s programme of research and to advise on strategy.

It has also created two new internal groups with representatives from different
departments – one to develop strategic partnerships with universities in Wales and beyond and bids to UK Research Councils, the other to develop European bids. Research is fundamental to everything the Museum does. The Museum now needs to prioritise, enhance and develop its research, driven particularly by the need to develop the focus on impact and evidence outcomes, and develop high-value projects with funding from Research Councils, the European Union and other sources.

The Head of Research will ensure that all research supports the Museum’s priority projects and services. The Museum has an ambition to develop a Research Department with staff and resources for research projects, and a key role for the personappointed will be to take this objective forward.

More info: http://www.geocurator.org/news/jobs.htm#488

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