viernes, agosto 01, 2008

Puesto de trabajo en Bioestratigrafía en Oslo

Os adjuntamos la información que nos ha llegado por Paleonet de un puesto de trabajo para bioestratigrafía en la Universidad de Oslo (Suecia).

The research field of the applicant to the present position should be in pre-Quaternary biostratigraphy/biofacies based on micropalaentology/ palynology. The applicant should have research interests related to basin systems of the northwest European continental shelf, and particularly
high-resolution biostratigraphic age determination, correlation and sedimentary biofacies characterization. The successful candidate will have the particular responsibility of further developing and integrating the use
of biostratigraphy in basin studies in close cooperation with the basin study research group in PEGG.

The professor of biostratigraphy should be able to teach introductory courses in palaeontology as well as micropalaeontlogy and biostratigraphy and general petroleum geology at all levels and will be responsible for
supervising Master and Ph.D. students within his/her special field of research. The successful applicant will also carry out administrative duties delegated by the Head of Department and the Faculty. The selection and ranking of the candidates will be based on submitted scientific publications, teaching experience, organization of research projects, administrative experience and ability to bring science into the public domain. Particular emphasis will be placed on experience from the petroleum industry and documented capacity and competence in research leadership. Applications should include documentation of education, previous positions held, scientific work, teaching and administrative experience and a list of publications. A Ph.D. or equivalent education is considered a minimum qualification for this position.

Further information can be obtained from Department Head, professor Nils Roar Sælthun, phone +47 228 56767, e-mail:, or Head of the Petroleum Geology and Geophysics Section, professor Roy H. Gabrielsen, phone 22 85 66 00, email:

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